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What we're about

Strength Guild was founded upon the belief that anyone and everyone can achieve any fitness goal. 

Using the most timely tried and proven methods coupled with modern day science and technology, together we've build an unbeatable combination.

We offer several great products and services ranging from In-Person/Online Coaching to custom workout or Nutrition programs, have a look around!

What we do

We're here to help you on any fitness journey and give you the expert advise on seeing it through to the end. Whether it be Sport specific, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, or general health... You've come to your last Coach, guaranteed. 
Any goal requires quality science backed information and that's what we're devoted too. We pride ourselves on not only having an insane depth of knowledge, but staying up to date on the most current scientific research.  That, with years of hands on experience and field work, and here you have it. The fear of the unknown is a true fear, and we have sought to eliminate that to make our clients better. 

For those that are really serious about taking the next step we offer Elite personalized coaching. This starts with consultations and meetings for us to learn everything about you that may help us on your goal. From there we custom build you a program and constantly adapt it to your unique lifting style. Videos of form will be sent for constant mechanical feedback, diet will be tracked daily and a specific meal plan will be put in place to again, your unique standards. (ABSOLOUTLY NO COOKIE CUTTER, EVERY CLIENT GETS 100% PERSONALIZED DATA). 
This also includes daily habit trackers and off day programs to even further maximize your progress. 

Online Coaching and Train Heroic

Online Coaching

With state of the art periodization techniques, let Strength Guild guide you to your next big PR.

Online Coaching allows Strength Guild to coach you from anywhere, anytime! 
With out newly integrated train heroic app, staying in touch with our coaches has never been easier!

Get started today in the store or contact us for questions regarding anything.

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Train Heroic

We've proudly moved our programming to Train Heroic Marketplace where you'll find all Strength Guilds newest programs along with our new 'inner circle' lifting team 'Lifters of The Round Table' online group coaching for only $20 a month!

Check us out on Train Heroic!

Search 'Strength Guild Lifting' or copy and paste this code because this horrible website host doesn't let me create hyperlinks for some reason...

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In Person Coaching

For those available in  the area, we offer Personal Training sessions either at our State of the Art facility, or if you'd rather stay home where your comfy let us bring the gym to you with portable racks, bench's and much more.

With a fully mobile gym, the Guild stops at nothing to get you the results you need.

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Train Heroic

Search 'Strength Guild Fitness' in the marketplace, or use this link!

About myself

Infatuated with all things Science and Strength

I've dedicated my life to the betterment of fitness, and made sacrifices no one should have to make,  but I've loved every second of my journey and love the work I do now even more.

At a young age I very quickly realized the incompetence of many healthcare providers, trainers,  and coaches. I was often hurt and required medical attention but it seemed all the answers I ever got were guesses and never panned out the way they said. training was hard for me and I never saw results. Eventually I got fed up and said "I know what I wanna do when I grow up... I want to actually help people." 

I love nothing more than seeing the look on someone's face when they lifted a weight they never thought they'd be able to, or the expressions someone gives when they do something without pain for the first time. That's why I do this, to help those who need it. 

Vinny Benenati

90kg USPA Athlete
Elite Personal Trainer
Powerlifting Coach

Head Coach and Founder

We're not your typical Coaching service

Everyone is unique, and everyone's going to need very unique training and diet. Strength Guild takes pride is not only owning the most effective state of the art workout equipment, we also stay up to date on the most current research assuring your always at the top of your game and in the know about the newest and best 

We strive to be much more than that.

The entire goal of Strength Guild was to not only get quality information out there to help people get bigger and stronger, but to build a community to help one another. Tons of content to choose from,  there's something for everyone.

Check out our youtube!

Check out the Strength Guild podcast

Quality funny content with a focus on current scientific research within the field of fitness. You're guaranteed to laugh a lot and & learn a lot more.

Coaching Pricing

Here's our current rates

1 Month Coaching

Billed monthly


Personalized  weekly training template

Unlimited support

Personalized nutrition Coaching

Technique analysis

Daily communication

In Person Personal Training Pricing

All sessions are 1 Hour in time

Single Session


Billed monthly

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Special needs Pricing

Here are our prices for special needs services

session price


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Strength Guild Nutrition 

We here at Strength Guild try to be as well rounded as we can for our clients, with the help of some Sports Nutritionists, Take the next step with either Online Coaching or a Custom Nutrition Program!

All online coaching includes nutritional coaching, however if you were looking for a program or something else reach out and see what we can do!

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Youth Development


Sport specific

Interested in training for your kids?

Training and developing adolescents can be extremely tricky, you don't want just anyone handing them. Training is mostly communication and psychological habit building, by engaging your kids in fun interactive training you can help set them up for a bright athletic future.

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Real client testimonials - Real results - that's a lot of R's. 



Vinny brings a thoughtful and innovative approach to personal training that has helped me immensely over the past few years. After I had me left knee replaced in October 2020, Vinny helped me recover quickly and effectively. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a professional personal trainer.




Working with Vin has been great. He doesn't just give you exercises, he explains it in a way that makes sense. I've seen more progress during this year training with him than I have in my own time working out. Vin guided me every step of the way and made sure i gave 110% every session. Working with him has helped mee be able to take my workouts to the next level. I wish i would've started sooner.




If your serious about making a lifestyle change hit up Vinny man, he does everything! Strength training, cardio, nutrition, meal prepping. I was weak as %#@& and he turned me into an absolute unit. Hit Vinny up if you wanna make  real change, he's great.




My name is Michael, 25 y/o, and I have had the pleasure of working with Vinny for about two years now. Over my 7 years of weight training and Sports, I have suffered quite a few injuries - most recently including an AC joint separation and left rear deltoid tear. After a several month weight training hiatus due to these injuries, I started working with Vinny in the winter of 2019 to fully recover and regain strength.

Vinny's knowledge of muscle function and kinesiology is constantly evolving. He started my 12 week program by focusing on increasing range of motion in my hips and shoulder. While working on my range of motion, he began to redesign the program to build strength. This improved my squat and bench press form to hit new PR's, while maintaining my dexterity. His tailored approach to weight training has taught me how to best use time in my busy schedule to improve muscle strength, posture, and recovery. I am now on my second 12 week program with Vinny to Bulk and work further on my shoulder and scapula muscle activation. Only 3 weeks in, any my body is responding better than I could have expected. 

Vinny's knowledge is truly worth the value if you want to be a serious athlete or live an overall better functioning life. He has helped me become the best physically fit version of myself and I look forward how much more he can help me improve.




Even though I had been lifting weights for a long time before I started to workout with Vinny, he has helped me make massive improvements. Not only helping with technique and showing me new/different workouts to do but also with my diet and overall fitness knowledge. There's a reason why he does every stretch, workout, etc. He does the research to know why other ones are beneficial and others aren't. On top of all his knowledge, he is a great motivator and knows exactly what to do and say and get the most out of everyone he works with.



We'd love to help

There's no question we cant answer and no goal we cant help with. Be it losing weight, or building a multi-level gym in your back yard, we're here for it all. For all your consultation and fitness needs please contact us in the area below!

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Contact me

If you'd like to schedule a consultation or have any questions/ concerns, please feel free to reach out here

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SG Powerlifting Team

Meet our current PL roster

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After suffering a catastrophic nerve injury in my neck, I wasn't sure if id ever be able to lift again. After years of grueling work and rehab, not only have I shattered every PR since pre-injury, but I've found pain-free movement in the process and I cant tell you what's more exciting for me.

Ryan 'R$' Smith


As a powerlifter and a personal trainer I have the knowledge when it comes to training to become stronger but with my experience in the army I understand the hard work, dedication, and discipline it takes to achieve that goal!

Kevin 'Pop' Poppe


I come from a background in wrestling and football. Coming from PA we know a thing or two about strength. I've been lifting in some capacity since 6th grade, which has led me to help create strength guild where I'm the current 
Chief Editing Officer.

Ryan 'Dubio' Rubio


I've always loved sports, but after having my college career cut short due to a knee injury I didn't want to stop competing. Jumping from sports like Ju-Jitsu to long distance biking and everything in between, but powerlifting took the cake for me and really let me push my body to it's limits.

Nick 'Big Red' Migs


I've been lifting on and off since high school, but once I began a career in Law Enforcement, I decided to get serious about my training seeking professional coaching. The discipline carried over from the academy and the push from
Coach Vinny has helped me become consistent and see continual improvement. The confidence and knowledge given to me while working with Strength Guild has offered me the opportunity to get into powerlifting, with plans to start competing. I strive to share any knowledge learned with others because I know how difficult it can be to do this alone.

Nick 'Faniz' Fanizzi


Fierce patron of the church of iron. Bobby Sauce first gained acclaim after sumo deadlifting the fire dragon balrog off the mines or Moria. No one knows of how he garnered the title 'Big Sauce' but it is foretold that lord Zeus was frightened by the intense power of Bobby's Gluteus Maximus. In an effort to calm his fears Zeus stood in awe as Bobby was able to catch the bolt of lighting between his iron cheeks. Lord Zeus, struck with terror, whispered the words..."By the Gods...He has the Sauce..."

Rob 'Big Sauce' Sgroi


Gym Inmstillation

Strength Guild is partnered up with 'Save a lot building and maintenance' and 'BeneBuilders Group' to provide a easy, hassle free, state of the art gym in any area of your property.  Please contact us for more details and we'll get started on building your dream gym.

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